Three Cheers and One Hallelujah!

Just a quick moment to shout Hallelujah!!! Monday afternoon, Matthew confirmed that he was offered the position of full trainer/liaison with Blue Cross for Berlin and Denys Insurance. The position has been in progress for a few weeks, but now his official start date is November first. Though he has been training new agents for the past year, his responsibilities have expanded and now he is on salary with benefits!!! I am so excited for him...and he will still be selling insurance, just not full time. Matthew has always been such a loyal, consistent worker for our whole marriage...I have never worried about him being the provider. His work ethic is strong and he is focused on his job. He is such an asset to this company and he has such favor there...a great relationship with his boss and co-workers! So here are three cheers to my man! Great Job!!!


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