First Day at School

Here is the Reynolds Nation, on their first day of school yesterday. Esther and Caleb are entering second grade, Bryn is in eighth grade and William started Kindergarten! They were all ready to start school...lots of eager faces and happy smiles. This is our ninth year homeschooling...which is such a blessing and an honor. There is nothing like teaching your kids at see their discoveries and exploration. Judah, couldn't be left out. He thought that he was starting school yesterday, too. So, he sat right along with us with his crayon box and pencils. Now, if I only get him to leave the scissors alone. He took a clipping of his own hair yesterday and some from our pug too! William was so cute when he got up yesterday and said, "finally school is here."
Here is William at the end of his first day. Here is his "first day" project. We read the kissing hand book, took his hand print with a special poem and then made "kissing hand" cookies. He was so sweet.

We took a special picture of William, since it was his first day in school. We can't believe that it is his first seems like yesterday he was just born. I have high expectations for him. He is really smart and catches on to everything so quickly. He will definitely keep me on my toes.


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