A Spot

Getting older sucks! I said it. I am hating it. I hate the thought of being 35. Yes, I know...I could be dead instead. I am grateful to be alive. But 35 already! My birthday is in a week or so. I remember when my mom turned 35 and I thought she was going to die. Talk about perception...lol. I am at such a time in my life where if I want to go somewhere, I better have a plan to get there. No, I am not over the hill...but I feel like I am at that place...if I don't like it, change it....if it needs to be adjusted, adjust it...if you want more, go for it. I feel that place beckoning me. I want to live this life glorifying the Lord. I want Him to be proud of me. I don't want to waste this gift He gave me. Time to make some decisions....


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