Happy Belated Birthday!

Though it is a week late...I wanted to make a post about Caleb Matthew's 9th birthday. Everything was delayed because of the passing of Matt's dad. But I still wanted to post something about Caleb.
Matt and I took him out to breakfast the morning of his birthday and then we took him to buy a new pair of shoes at Kohl's (the cabbage store, lol). We had a yummy chocolate cake together the night of his birthday. It was a quiet birthday, but with all the sadness around us it was very appropriate.
I must say that Caleb has been one of the biggest challenges of our lives. Many of you might not know, but Caleb is mentally handicapped, has PICA, ADHD and OCD. Sounds like a lot of letter to me. As parents, we have felt very ill equipped to handle this. We have had to learn how to handle these issues on a day to day basis. Caleb though is very loving, joyful and full of life. He has a vivacious personality and loves to talk. It is a daily prayer to the Lord on how to deal with each day. Some days he is up and coming and other days he is way over the top. You never know what the day will be like.
The most important things is that we have HOPE for Caleb. We believe that one day he will be able to function quite normally in everyday life. God loves him just like he loves me. And I believe God has a great purpose for him. Beyond what we could ever imagine. God has not and will not give up on him...and neither will I. I love this little bundle that we picked up 9 years ago. I am in a state of expectation to see what God has for him.


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