Summer Continued...

 On Sunday we hit the beach for the second time this week.  Caleb dug a huge hole and Esther decided to be buried in it.  We spent three hours at the beach and had a blast.  Nothing like relaxing at the beach on a Sunday afternoon.
 Here are all the kids on July 4th.  We headed to the beach really early that morning and stayed until lunch time. It was perfect.  Not crowded yet and we got some quality time together.  The best part was that the ocean was so a lake.  Which is perfect for five little kids and us.
 And once again we were at the pool...the question really should be when am I not at the pool??? The competition above is William...who fought hard for top place but ended up with second place. He has done a fantastic job this first summer.  He moved up to the second practice lane last week, which normally takes a whole summer to do.  He just plunges forward with whatever he does.
 Last night we used Matt's new pizza griller (we got it for him on Father's Day).  It was fun preparing them and even more delicious eating the pizza. The crust was fantastic and had that great grilled taste. Such a perfect dinner on a Sunday night.
 Matt and I got to exercise together (which rarely happens) on Saturday night.  We ran 4.0 miles that night and it kicked my butt.  It was still hot outside and the sun was on us for the first half...but I came out all right.  It's always good to switch it up a bit.  I love feeling this great!!!
Here are all the kiddos on 4th of July right before the fireworks.  We had a great time together.  It turned out to be a fantastic holiday.  Hope yours was great also!


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