A Little One on One

I snapped these pictures last night when we were on a special date with Mr. William. A few weeks ago William was struggling on the swim team.  They had moved him up a lane because he was so fast...but this didn't sit well with him.  He was frustrated, didn't have any friends and was the last in line in his lane (he was first in line in the last line-all based on speed).  He said he didn't want to do it anymore and had a few temper tantrums over it.  We knew that it was from being kind of lonely in his lane, because he had really enjoyed it so far. And since we believe in finishing what you start no matter how hard, we felt like he had to finish. So we made a deal with him.  If he had 6 consecutive days of good swim days then we would go to his restaurant of choice AND some frozen yogurt. 
Well, he made it.  He is back to loving it.  It just took some time and some (yummy) motivation.  He is now second in his lane and has new friends.  He picked Cici's pizza (which I just sat and watched--the thought of wasting calories on that horrible pizza was not okay with me)...his favorite pig-out pizza place.  We tried to sway him for sushi, but he wouldn't hear of it...haha.  And then we finished off the night with some great frozen yogurt.  Perfect one on one time with our man...


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