65 Years Young

Happy Birthday to my Mama...today is her day!!! Sixty-five years ago my mom made her appearance.  Born in Bronx, New York...Lebanon Hospital to be exact.  And here she is on her day.  Matt and I took her to my favorite restaurant for lunch...since she had plans for tonight with some friends.
There is so much I can say about my mom.  No matter what comes her way she always thinks positive.  Even when the battle is huge...she always thinks the glass is half FULL! After this year where she has jumped over huge medical hurdles, she still has the same positive attitude.  She is the type of person who always puts others first.  She has sacrificed so much for others.  She has finally reached a point in her life where can just take care of herself.  What a great place to be.  She seems to really love life and all that is has for her.  I think I inherited the same attitude.  I always think there will be great things ahead, despite what comes my way. What a great thing to inherit.  May my mom have many more birthdays.  I love her so much!!!  Happy Birthday Mom!!!


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