My Journey

Many of you don't know about the journey that I am on right now. Starting in the second week of April I started the Weight Watchers plan for weight loss. I literally decided to do it one day. I was unable to go to the meetings, because of the cost, but had support around me. Several friends were on the same diet and Matt said that he would join me. And where am I right now...29 pounds lighter, many inches smaller and totally loving life.
It has been the easiest change of lifestyle that I have ever done. I am totally dedicated and excited about all the changes. I have gone down two sizes in clothes and inching in the right direction. The past two weeks I have had slower loss, but that's because I started working out. I feel more energized, ready for each day. I am doing this for my future and for my kids...and most of all I am doing this for me!
I will keep you posted as my progress continues!!!


Superhero Mom said…
Allison, I know I have told this to you, but now for all who read your blog I say it again! You are amazing! I am so proud of you. I could not do it without the meetings! Bravo my friend! You look amazing too! The feeling of the inches melting away and the health benefits are such motivation in and of itself right? Yea for you! I am enjoying the journey too!
Cheryl said…
Awesome - so proud of you and what you are able to accomplish!!!

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