A Day in the Sun

I thought I would post a few pictures of some of the kids from today at the beach. I only have three because my friend let me use my camera to snap them on the boogie boards since I forgot my camera. We went to New Smyrna Beach this morning with a whole group of friends...and we had a blast. Lots of kids, boogie boards, food and a bit of shade from a bunch of umbrellas. Caleb and Esther finally starting using the boogie board and loved it...they barely came out of the water. Bryn was riding the waves with her Aunt Charity...I hung out mostly on the sand, but I did get a great dip in the perfect temperature water. Judah, on the other hand still doesn't like the water and preferred to dig in the sand. Today was one of those days where you love living in Florida. I told my best friend, Jessica (while we were sitting at the edge of the water), "where else can you entertain your kids for free and have a great time?" We feel tired this afternoon, but I loved every moment that we were there.


Superhero Mom said…
We were there too...but in the evening. It was beautiful! I totally wiped out on a wave on a boogie board! It was a blast!

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