Just one of those good days...

Today was one of those days where we took some time out to do nothing. It is such a nice feeling! Nothing planned on the agenda, no where to go, and no appointments. With five children and a part time job, it is hard to have days like that. The rest of the week is packed, so it is good to throw a day like today in.

I would love to say that we slept in and had a easy breakfast, but let's be honest, I have five kids...they don't let you sleep in. Judah was thumping his feet at 6:30 and William called me not longer after that. Now I must admit, I haven't been on the couch all day either. Esther, Caleb and I worked on phonics and did some reading...trying to keep up from all of our progress throughout the year. I picked out an old movie for them to watch and I made some phone calls for work. I talked to my dearest friend for over an hour...which is so refreshing...and I did three loads of laundry, hung them up and put away in the dresser. Then I went through all of our movies and sorted through the ones we wanted to keep and the others to give away. I made pudding for the kids, which they appreciated and now I just put the baked potatoes in for dinner and the cod is defrosting.

So, despite the fact that I got a lot done, it has been such a lazy day. No agenda...just got things done that I wanted to. Tonight I am going on a date with my favorite 12 year old, Bryn and then back to the house. Like I said, the rest of the week is packed, so I will be able to look back at this day with fondness.


Anonymous said…
What a wonderful picture. Bryn is so beautiful. Can see the dieting is really showing. So proud of you all. Love you all so much.


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