He Always Wows Me!

I have to take a moment today to say something about my dear husband, Matthew, on this Father's Day! Only 33 years old, and father to our five children. Since the day he became a father that March evening in 1997, he has gone above and beyond in the role of father. It truly is his highest calling and he has excelled in it.
Many a morning he has woken them up to drive to the ocean and see the sun rise...he takes them on shopping dates and trips for donuts and a hot chocolate...he roughs it in freezing cold temps to camp with his boys...he plays loud music in the house while he "swing" dances with them...he snuggles on the couch watching a movie... he is always an open ear to them... and he loves their mother, cherishes her and gives her frequent breaks!
Because of all the things that he does, he is building relationships with them that will last their lifetime. He is choosing to make fatherhood a top priority in his life. He doesn't miss important steps in their life...he is on the forefront of the battle. And most importantly he is bringing Christ to them...there is no other greater gift. I love this man for all of this, and am thankful how he is molding and shaping their lives. Like I said, he always wows me with the things he does!


Superhero Mom said…
Nice tribute to you "umbrella"! Love you!

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