Gratitude Friday

I woke up this morning feeling a bit road weary. Have had a busy at home. Trying to finish some of the things that I set out to do for the summer. We are coming up to our last week of summer...we start school on the 31st. So excited to start our new school year...I usually feel that way after summer...tired of the lack of routine and ready to make some progress. Though we did have an awesome summer...I think the kids grew two inches a piece, Judah is talking like crazy and Matt and I are finally finding our place of leadership at church. It is awesome! This week though, we have been pressing in about our finances. The slowing in the economy has been making a pinch in Matt's sales. And we are trying to make decisions about my job and my future there....since my need to keep my full attention at home is greater than ever before. So we are keeping our eyes on the Lord...we are totally dependant on Him...He is our focus. The Lord is squeezing out thought and ways from this world that are not of Him. We are changing our way of thinking. Pastor Fred said on Sunday, "if you aren't keeping these things captive, then they are captivating you." How true is that! When we worry, or stress or whatever it takes us captive and we no longer can keep our eyes on Him. I read the other day that the word worry means to be divided. Divided between the Lord and what the world says. So, today I am keeping my thoughts captive and loving on the Lord. He is my everything!

1. I am thankful for Matt's job and all the provision he has there. We are thankful that we know that we are in God's will having him work there.

2. I am thankful for these beautiful children...all their funny faces, stories and thoughts.

3. I am thankful that He is sovereign!

4. I am thankful for family...for immediate family and for friends that go that extra mile for you.

5. I am thankful for the future and what God has for abundant life!!!

I am posting a picture of Chewy sleeping peacefully in the carseat...we are to be like little worries, total rest in the Lord!


Michelle said…
Glad to hear you are pressing in toward our Savior, staying focused on Him. I can always use that reminder so thanks.

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