Family Night

Here is our resident drummer. Caleb taking some instruction from Matt last night. Matt had some new music and he took some time and worked with Caleb. Caleb has a natural rhythm and he picks up on beats after only listening to a song one time. They had a great time. The other kids did it too, but didn't have the same beat going on.
A little twister goes a long way...the game came out in 1966, but it still holds true today. The kids loved it, but most of them couldn't reach the other side. Judah was so funny...dancing around the board...and William being so confused about the right and left sides.

Here is William trying so hard to stretch across. He did so good for the first time...he is so insistent to take time and work hard.. persistent he is!
We have some incredibly busy weeks coming up, so we took some time out to have a family night. We ate dinner, played twister, ate cookies made that afternoon by the kids, and listened to some worship music...a great night. By the end, Matt and I were dozing on the couch. What a great family!


My girls are also like playing Twister game. That's great they're so flexible :)
I wish good luck in studies for your kids.

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