It's Generational

Here is Grandma as she was walking in the V.F.W and seeing all of us waiting for her. You can tell she was surprised!
Yesterday, we had a surprise birthday party for Matt's Grandmother's 90th birthday. It was planned for months and took place at the V.F.W (where Grandma has been a member for 30 years). Almost all the family was there (we won't name any names or the one missing member in South America), some flew in from Texas and we actually kept it a secret from her. She didn't know until she got there. It was a great time, fun and togetherness. Four generations were represented yesterday. The coolest part was to see all the kids together...cousins...brought together because of one woman...she has lived a great of generosity and love. So here are a few pictures from yesterday...

Here is Grandma thanking everyone at the end of the night...most of her great-grand kids are behind her.

Here are the grand kids (Baby Abby is missing) all together...the family was busy from the years of 2001-2007...there were 9 babies born in 6 years.

Here is Carson (cousin from Texas) dancing with his favorite partner, Esther. Every time they see each other they gravitate towards each other...we wish we lived closer.

I love this picture! This is Brady (married to Matt's cousin Lisa) playing with Carson and William...Carson and William were born on the same day (4/2/05), 1/2 an hour apart.


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