Farmer Boy

We had an amazing time on Saturday afternoon. We have been reading a few chapters every day as a family from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy. We read this a few years ago when Bryn was young, so it has turned into a family favorite. It has home stuff for the girls and some suspense for the boys. A little bit for everyone in the family. I also a few years ago bought The Little House Cookbook. In the book there is a recipe for donuts, just like Almanzo's mother made. He eats them at so many of the meals, so we decided to take a bite too. Here are the kids when they were all done (Judah was napping, thankfully, or he would have had his hand in everything). We made sugar and cinnamon sugar donuts. They were so yummy and eaten up rather quickly. What a perfect way to spend the afternoon with your family.
Here is Esther working on the dough of the donuts. The boys and girls had their own bowls and we made the recipe together.

Caleb rolling his donut out. In the book it describes how the stick donuts are better than the "new" fashionable donuts with the holes in it. So we made them like Almanzo's mom, to be authentic.

Chef William! He looks adorable with his apron and chef hat. You can see our already prepared sticks and our cookbook out. Let me tell you, this was one messy recipe...flour was every where...but so worth it with the kids. It's all about making the memories and spending time with them.


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