Back to Life

This has been a weird week. My body is not quite adjusting to the back to school mentality. After having a wonderful, relaxing spring has been difficult to get back to the normal life. It is Friday morning and the weather is beautiful outside...59 degrees when I woke up this morning. The kids are outside playing..we decided to take the day off from school. They are so far ahead in their schoolwork, they deserve it! We want to enjoy the weather as long as it lasts. The water on the property (from the weeks of heavy rain) is finally drying up. The county sprayed for mosquitoes two times...they were getting really bad. The animals are all doing good...except Cary and Dary are out of the pen all the time and they have messed with our Mexican petunias...I am hoping they will get bigger so they can stop sliding through the fence. Valentino is huge...2/3 the size of his mother at least. The grass is growing like crazy...Matt is back to mowing once a week. There is plenty of grass in the pasture too! I think I am going to make zucchini bread this morning...and my yogurt that I made last night will be ready in about an hour. I got a quart of goats milk from my friend Alison, so that should be quite yummy later! Busy, busy on our little farm. As I sit here, it brings so much joy just listening to the kids playing outside. Nothing sounds so sweet!


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