I think around this time of the year you must compete with the daily life and the need for summer. After experiencing spring break, I have had a hard time getting back to the flow of life. Oh well, on with the show, right?
Had a wicked storm last night. It started a bit after dinner and it lasted until 4 this morning. Rolling thunder, lightning and heavy rain. I had two kids scared by two in the morning. So Matt and I had the two of them sleeping with us and the rest of them didn't make a peep. Thankfully, because there wasn't any more room in the bed.
I have had a couple things happen in my life in the past week where I really felt a word from the Lord. Nothing specific, or audible. But a time with other people where I needed not to fret, think about or be anxious about...I really needed to release them to the Lord and totally trust Him with them. Sounds simple, right? Very difficult, but very needed for my own sanity and walk with the Lord. I think it is that idea in your head where you feel like you can fix everything and everybody. It has to be one of the hardest things. As Matt and I get older, we are amazed to watch and see how some people are leading their lives. Not saying that we are perfect...far from it. But we are amazed by how people will do things that are so contrary to the Lord and to a normal existence. We have had to step back and release. It is hard, but we have had to because it causes such an interruption in our lives. We have got to the point not to have other people's chaos come into our home. I know, weird topic to discuss. I would love your comments. It is such a fine line. This walk in life is hard. And I feel like we are continuously looking up to the Lord for guidance and reassurance that we are on the right path. I hope you do the same!


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