Our Joy

I had to write something today about the special joy in our life, Esther! Today she is turning 7 years old...unbelievable! We can not believe that she has been in our life this long. She has been such a joy since she was born. She has one of the sweetest personalities and she never gives anyone a problem. And she gets the prize for the quietest of all of our children. You have to draw out the conversation from her. Even so, she is incredibly gifted when it comes to art...she is a whiz all together-it amazes me sometimes how her mind works. And she is the best snuggler. She will still come up and sit on my lap. So, on her birthday weekend we had a little cake for her with the family and then we took her to Disney as a present. It was a wonderful day...just the three of us. Special time for the girl who has brought so much joy into our lives!
Here she is at her favorite spot...in Minnie's house. She thought it was so fun to see where Minnie lived!

Daddy and Esther about to go on their first roller coaster....It was a small one, which she liked. She wasn't too sure about Space Mountain or Splash Mountain later in the day!

Esther with her favorite character, Cinderella. She was so shy at first, but warmed up in the end!

Meeting Cinderella's step-sisters and step-mother! They were incredibly funny!


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