Spring Break

Well, we are finally on spring break. And, I needed it. It seems like an eternity between Christmas break and spring break. I must admit that this is one of the best years that we have had with homeschooling. We are ahead of ourselves with most subjects, and I really loved my curriculum this year. I made some changes this past year and I am so glad. I changed to a more literature based approach with history ( my favorite subject) and that has been so fun. And of course, to see the changes within the kids is great too...to see their world opening up to them is an experience I never would want taken away.

But, put all that aside...and lets talk about spring break.....aaaaahhhhhh! It's so lovely. I love not having a schedule to stick to...not jumping out of bed when it's still dark outside. Not that we have any great plans. I have weeded my garden...did the second coat of paint on the front of the house...today I think I am going to do some raking. Like I said, nothing too exciting...no trips or special outings. Just hanging out here at the house...enjoying life!


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