Today is William's fifth birthday. I absolutely can not believe it! He came up to our bed this morning and we tickled him, loved on him and just played. And at the same time I cried the whole time. Five years ago, his birth brought a lot of healing to my life. I made major changes within me that early morning when he made his entrance. After my last birth (Esther), I had some wounds from the unexpected c-section and having my birth plan go screwy. So, with William's went so smoothly and beautifully. And I didn't want him born on April fool's I believe God honored that and had him born at 1:03 in the morning on the 2nd! God is so awesome.

As for my boy-He is the most amazing child. As a baby, he was the fussiest of all my kids and he was very demanding. I thought that it would lessen as he got older...but that hasn't changed. He is just as demanding...loud...rough...tough...he is all boy!!! He talks continuously...he climbs everything...he jumps off anything he climbs...he is the picture of what you expect a boy to be. But at the same time, he is the most sensitive of my kids. He cries easily, has his feelings hurt fast, and at the same time he is so sweet. He tells me all the time that I am pretty...he loves to hold my hand and to sit on my lap. He is going to be a grand husband one day.

I love this boy so much!!! He brings so much joy to my life...from the first moment I saw him with tears flowing. I am honored that God allowed me to be the mother to him. He is a mixture of sugar and spice. I know that God has so much for him...I am excited to see the road that God has for his life. Happy Birthday William!! Yeah, Five!!!!


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