Camp Revamp Revue

Well, I had to post some pictures from this past weekend. We were two of the leaders that attended Camp Revamp with our oldest daughter, Bryn. It was a great weekend for the pre-teens to get together and hear from God and enjoy their friends. This is such a pivotal point in their life...a time to make decisions and to become the people God intended for them to be. Bryn had a great time with her friends and I know that she heard from God. She is growing so quickly and we really see a responsible young woman developing. Here is Bryn at the "Fear Factor" contest. She wasn't too pleased to eat her "surprise" concoction.
They set up a water slide and obstacle course for the kids the first day. The water was refreshing in the 90 degree weather and gave the kids some play time.

Here all all the kids that attended. Lined up and ready to hear what is next for them!

Here is Bryn going down the obstacle course. She had a lot of fun running, playing and staying cool!

What a great picture of Bryn and Queenie. Queenie is one of the young ladies at the Camp...she is super sweet and has always been very pleasant to Bryn-especially when she was a newcomer to Rock Church.


Concetta said…
What a beautiful picture of friendship! These girls really do live the Elijah Task and how awesome is it to be the mothers of such incredible young ladies! They look like they could be sisters! I think this is hilarious because Gabriella and Judah look like they are related - and you would not believe how much Judah looks like Ryan did when he was that age!!! Amazing!

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