Can it be a week already?

I was sitting in my chair at the beach this morning and remembered quietly where I was a week ago today. I can't believe that it has already been a week since Judah's week ago we were sitting in the waiting room, restless and nervous about major surgery going on with our forward one week and I am sitting on the beach watching my children (including Judah) romp in the sand. Isn't it amazing that we dread something coming up in our lives...but then it happens...and speeds past? It makes me realize even more that I am not in control of this life and that God is sovereign!
It was a picture perfect day...the sky was the bluest of blues...not a cloud in sight...the water was a lovely 78 degrees...the sand hot and spicy...and I got to watch the joys in my life play. My kids, along with the cousins enjoying the loveliness of summer. It was so beautiful. Makes me appreciate life and love God more.


Hi I'm Michelle said…
God is amazing!! The sand was spicy?? Hmmm, thinking on that one a little :-)

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