What it takes to be a Daddy!

So, on this very special day...Father's Day...the actual 100th anniversary of Father's Day...my thoughts are on a very special man in my life. I have had the privilege of knowing and watching this man grow into his job as Father.
It was 13 years ago when he became a father. I still remember the tears streaming down his face while he watched her being born. He was a hands on dad from the first day. He changed a million diapers...help feed...stayed up late hours allowing me to get a bit of sleep...and most of all he started building a relationship with each kid. Just because they are your child does not automatically make them come into relationship with you. It takes time and a lot of effort from the parent. He has camped with them...danced with them...played ball...had early morning sunrises...walks on the beach...drippy ice cream cones...long talks at the dinner table...you name it and he has done it. He spends more time with his kids than anyone I know. He involves them in whatever he is doing...takes time to talk things through...but at the same time he is still strict with discipline and expects his kids to behave and mind their manners.
The best way to describe him is that he is constantly pursuing his kids...with his love and his time. It is a joy to watch and see. I love this man immensely and am so proud to be raising these kids with him. He continually shows them Jesus and His love. Thank you Matthew for being this wonderful father and daddy to our kids.

*Here is Matthew tonight getting ready to enjoy cake with the kids.


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