Swim Meet #1

Here are the girls this morning when we got to the local YMCA for their first swim meet. They were really nervous and unsure of what to expect. They look so cute in their new team shirts.
And while the girls were hanging out with their team, warming up and getting pumped up for the session...the boys hung out in the pool with some new friends. The sacrifices the boys make...

While we waited (we sure waited a lot between heats) Matt took the kids for a little ride. Esther snuck out of waiting with the team and hung out with us for awhile.

Here is Esther competing for the 25 m freestyle. It isn't her favorite stoke, but she still did good...she came in 4th place!

Here is Bryn at the end of the 25 m back stroke-her favorite stroke....she did really well. She was a bit hesitant at the end because she was afraid to smack her hand on the wall. Even so, she came in 5th. Not bad for her first competition.


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