A New Day

This past weekend was totally relaxed. We did a few things here and there, but overall we just hung out. It was so nice. Our weekends have a tendency to be super busy...but this is just the way we like it. But I was thinking about how I feel like it is a new day. After Judah's successful surgery I feel like a huge burden has been lifted! There was always something looming and ahead of us....for the past 10 months. Either the next MRI or possible surgery. And, now I feel like it is a new day. It is so refreshing. Though I haven't felt anxious over all of these medical problems...that's where your faith comes in...but at the same time everything was still on the agenda. So now..surprisingly, on the first day of Summer...it is a new day at the Reynolds Nation!


Aleatha said…
God is an awsome GOD!
Hi I'm Michelle said…
Praise the Lord for new days!

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