Rock Church Bike Race '10

So here they all are. The race is complete and we had a blast. Though we didn't win, it was worth every bit of the adventure! It was so much fun to work with the kids and to see the relationships built between us, the parents and the kids!
Here is Caleb, representing the yellow team. He did such an awesome job riding his bike...over the ramps and through the mud!

Caleb and Esther right before they had to race....ready in their helmets and pads.

Right before the time to start...pumped up and ready to go. I am so proud of them!!!

Here are some of the nephews Zachary and Xavier...and my gruesome twosome...William and Judah!

Gonzolo on the bike...Bryn behind him ready to take the next round. Who is the cute curly headed child there in the front...?

Not the closest shot, but here is Esther coming up from the hill on the race!
Turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, turn the children's hearts to the fathers. That's why we were there. Great day...though you could cut the humidity with a knife...God kept the rain away until now, and I am blessed to be the mom of great kids!


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