Homebase Homeschool Group Year in Review 2009-2010

Here is the Homebase Homeschool Group year in review. It is a collage of pictures from various members of our group. It was an awesome school year...full of lots of fun, learning, time together and schooling at home. This has been such a wonderful year for us. This year has been a time where I have continued to hear from the Lord that homeschooling is the best option for our family and for so many others. There is nothing like sitting with your kids and teaching them to read...or to add...or to introduce them to Abraham Lincoln or Erik the Red. To see their faces when they discover something. And the best part is know what your child is being fed...they are little sponges, and we have to be so careful about what they learn. Not to isolate them, but to make them aware of life and it's difficulties at the right time. I remember when Bryn learned that not everyone in the world is a Christian. She was shocked. And this year, we learned more about what people believe and how they came to their reality. Yes, there are hard days...there are days where I am exhausted and not sure how I am going to get through. We have many days where we take a mental break and goof off at the park instead. That is one of the joys of homeschooling. And now as I see my kids devour books and love learning I get so much pleasure (especially since I taught them to read). So enjoy the year in review!


Aleatha said…
I want to be a part of this group! Oh wait I am! THANK YOU GOD for this honor!

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