Oh my!!!

I can't begin to explain to you how busy I have been the past week or so. This past Friday and Saturday I had a garage sale at a friends house. Oh my!!! I have been wanting to have this for months. It's been on the back of my mind...and I needed to get it done. But the interesting thing that I had to sell was clothing. I know that doesn't sound too interesting...until you realize how much clothing I had to sell.

I have kept all of my kids clothes...except for the stuff that got damaged or was stained. Now, when you have five kids over the past fifteen years...that's a lot of clothes. I never even realized it was as much as it was. I just put stuff away and pulled stuff back out when I needed it for the next kid. Well, drum roll please...it accumulated to about 30 plastic bins/tubs. Yes, I know that is so sad. I admit it. I must be a hoarder. I can't believe I had that much in my little house. It was crazy. So, everything had to be pulled out, and put according to its size and all the junk stuff had to be thrown away. And since I still needed some of those clothes I had to go through those for the upcoming seasons, fold them and put them away. It took hours of time and of course brought up a lot of little memories...remember when she wore this or when he walked in those shoes. It was a sweet time...and a lot of work.

It was a successful sale...sold about 800 pieces (not joking) of clothes for about a quarter a piece...donated about 400 pieces to the goodwill and my house is a whole lot lighter. So, in the mean time...my house is a disaster...my laundry is to the ceiling and my to-do list is quite lengthy. I hope to be back to my frequent posting this week.

*The picture above are my favorite shoes that Bryn wore almost fifteen years ago...sniff, sniff.


Michelle said…
Funny how weeding out in one area can lead to a back up in another. have fun digging out from your laundry pile.
Superhero Mom said…
Wow! I thought I was bad, of course you have 2 additional children..but Wow! I'm so glad you did it...I know the feeling of feeling lighter! Wished I could have stopped by...we were doing Thanksgiving on Saturday! :)

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