Saturday Happenings

Not much going on here in good old Florida. Yesterday the temperatures soared to 87 degrees and today...back down to only 61 degrees. Such extremes. The kids never know what they are going to wear each has been a crazy winter. Especially after the cold winters we had for the past two winters. Oh well, Spring is right around the corner. The kids are already talking about going to the beach. That will be right around the corner.
Went to the Farmer's Market with Matt this morning. Loaded up on some yummy fruits and veggies. We get our best prices there. Especially the oranges and strawberries...there is nothing like this season in Florida when it comes to fruit. Matt made the kids smoothies for lunch...goat milk yogurt (made especially by me), fresh ground flax, strawberries and bananas and a bit of honey. Superb! The kids loved it...and it is good for the belly. This afternoon I made kale chips. This is a super yummy food I started making last week. Baked with kale we bought this morning...with a bit of olive oil and salt. They taste just like potato chips...but of course super healthy!
It has been a beautiful day today. I love a weekend where we don't have to be anywhere except where we want to be. Don't you? What have you been up to?


Michelle said…
I have been dealing with a shrinking household, Sarah and Illana gone for a few days and one of the extras moves to Arizona this weekend (just found that out yesterday). Other than that it's life as usual, blessed and joyful.

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