Just sitting here while the kids do their school work. It been a busy week here. Busy not doing a whole lot. Just busy with five kids. Homeschooling. Five kids. You know the usual. Yesterday I sat in the dentist chair for three hours. Had a ton of work done...and you know me...don't split it into multiple appts, just get it done all at once. So that's what I did...I think the dentist was tired of me at the end. But it's all done...which I am very glad.
The weather has changed a bit. We had our air on a few days, which makes me sad. The past few days though we have had the windows wide open. The kids were actually complaining this morning that they were cold. And my answer, "put on some socks and a sweater!" They think they will stay warm in shorts and a tshirt.
Began juicing the past couple of weeks...which has been great...but I will save that for another day and another post. Other than that...and the normal mayhem that is here...we are all good. Just enjoying this good life. Be back soon.


Matthew said…
Yeah for cooler weather and yeah for juicing!

Maybe even a yeah for a mention of my blog? Yes, I think so!
Michelle said…
3 hours in a dentist chair- I agree, get it done! Glad that you are all doing good, praise God! I have a bite of a taste of your days only I send 4 of my guys out of the house for school.
Glad to hear you are juicing, Steve and I did back in Sept and still pull it out now and then to get a surge of veggies :)

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