A Small Addiction

Sometimes with blogging, I am not sure what to write about. Somethings in my life are utterly boring...you know, like laundry, cleaning, taxi mom...all that stuff that consumes a lot of my time, but not as easily to write about. But it is fun to write about things that take my time...and lately that has been Words with Friends. Other than Pinterest and Facebook is my new time consumer. It is Scrabble at your fingertips. Never did I think I would play Scrabble with someone in a different state. It is so much fun. It keeps my mind busy and constantly thinking. And I love and have always loved scrabble. Not that I am the best player, but I just love to play. So, if you haven't tried it...look it up and play a game, or two, or three...


Superhero Mom said…
or 18! lol!!! It is fun!
Michelle said…
a good addiction to have

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