Gratitude Friday

A bit of a rainy day here in Florida, with somewhat cooler temps for today...and much cooler temps for the weekend. Had a great week...ending it really well. Quiet night here...the little boys are at Nana's house...which always makes a quiet house here. Hope you have a great weekend!

1. So grateful for a better than expected report on my mom's health this week. Anticipating a good ending.

2. Thankful that God continues to show me that he is always one step ahead of me and when I line myself up with him it all comes together. Continuing to walk in trust.

3. Thankful for my little artists here at home...the above picture is Esther's first try at Pointillism...she did a smashing job. I am blessed with a beautiful family!

4. Thankful for the soft rain falling and the beautiful place that we live in.

5. Thankful that God continues to bless us financially...he has his hand on this. So thankful.


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