First Goal Hit

So, today is a great day for me. A proud moment for. I hit a major milestone. I hit my first 25 pounds lost on my diet. I started three and a half weeks ago...and I have lost 25 pounds!!! So excited. I can't believe it. I believe this is a journey long coming. I have wanted to lose weight for so long. I feel tired all the time and know this isn't what God wants for me. And then in January my husband, Matthew, took hold of a vision. He wanted to start juicing and switch ultimately to a primarily plant based diet. Though we have eaten better than most people over the years...while grains, fruits and good food...we still have kept the weight on. Now, my husband is on a 60 day juice only fast. He has lost 35 pounds already!!! I am doing juice once a day, and then mainly plant based for the rest of the day. I also have been working out almost daily...a workout video and then walking on the other days. I must admit that I feel the best I have in years!!! I am sleeping beautifully, I am not achy or bloated and I have more energy than ever. I feel fabulous!!!! And I am more excited to lose the next 25 pounds. I am on my way to living life to the fullest.

Check out my husbands see his journey. The picture taken above is from this past Sunday. Doesn't my husband look incredible?


Superhero Mom said…
You look amazing Allison. I've not seen you since Christmas. So glad you are on your way to great health. Bravo to both of you.
Michelle said…
Yeah for you!! I have enjoyed watching Matt's journey.
emily anderson said…
good for you allison!

excited to meet you and hear how you handle life with lots of kiddos!

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