Slipped By...

Basically that's what happened to this week.  It truly slipped by.  I went to look at my blog and I noticed that the last time I posted was sorry.  Not sure what happened to this past week.  Nothing exciting happened, which is good for me.  Just the normal school week with the normal ins and outs that come with it.
We just finished our 4th week of school and I am quite pleased with our progress.  I think we are firmly in our groove and that makes me happy.  I am enjoying our Tapestry of Grace curriculum this year...we entered the Middle Ages and that is such a fun time of history.  This week we will be talking about Vikings and that is always fun.
I had a great running week. I ran my normal 3 days a week...ending my week with another 5 mile run.  I am enjoying our new is fun to just go out and run, rather than driving to my destination. We used to live in the woods, which doesn't work well with me and running.  I was able to drop my time again this week, so that made me happy. My 10k is in 2 months and 1 I have a lot of progress to make, but I feel up to the task.
Gosh, there isn't much more going on.  I am feeling a bit boring this week. I will be back in a day or so...I have some other posts that I am mulling over.  How was your week?  Leave a comment...give man an update :)


Michelle said…
My week was great, so nice to see you face to face :) Settling back into east coast time and I will start back into my exercise routine tomorrow. Had a funky day today working some stuff out with our Lord.
Oh and interested on your new home and the move- how exciting!

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