I am not a weight loss expert...far from it...but I was thinking the other day about how I could help any of you on losing those extra pounds that you want to get rid of.  From 10 pounds to beyond, I think some of my "pointers" may make a difference for you.  People ask me all the time what "diet" I am on...what am I doing...am I doing weight watchers??? And I am very honest to tell them that I literally am just eating "healthy" and exercising.  They are amazed, but are still intrigued by what I am doing.  So, I am going to give you a few of my hints that have helped me on the way.

1. I really had come to a point in my life where I knew I no longer wanted to be this heavy.  Enough was enough.  I got to the point where I was no longer active.  I was tired a lot and sluggish.  And how can I be the mom of 5 kids and be sluggish.  I needed change and I needed it now!  So, I made a decision that this was the time.
2. At first I did a lot of juicing meals to change my way of eating.  And when I ate food (which I did every day) I tried to keep it as "Raw" as possible.  Very little meat, very little dairy...just down to the basics of veggies.
3. I started to exercise immediately.  First with walking a few times a week (see if someone can join you, accountability is the key) and doing an "old-fashioned" workout video in my living room.  This was so important...it got me moving and started building my strength and ability to workout.
4.  I removed all "junk" from my diet.  I didn't "cheat" and I didn't put myself in situations where I could.  I didn't make cookies for the kids, because I knew I couldn't handle that.  I don't believe in never eating this stuff again, but I felt like I needed to remove the "sweet tooth" from my system.  This was so important.  I took the craving out by not feeding it.  I know it may be hard in the beginning, but it was worth it.
5.  I drastically reduced my food portions.  I ate small meals often...about every 2 hours and I cut off when I ate dinner.  I eat typically at 7:30, 10:00, 12:00, 2:00 and 5:30.  I know that I needed to give my metabolism a boost...and this is how I did it.  And I no longer wanted to have that "super full" feeling.  I listened to my body...so when I get the slightest "full" feeling, I stop.  It makes such a difference.  And now my body is so used to this that I have a growling stomach when I am hitting my next meal time.  And you should be waking up in the morning with an empty stomach.  If you are not, then you are eating too much in the evening.
6. I switched from juicing to smoothies for breakfast.  I make a shake every morning of Almond milk, spinach, ground flax, honey and blueberries.  It is superb and makes me feel great.  What a great way to start the day...with raw fruits and veggies.  Put it all in the blender and go!
7.Now, I exercise about 5-7x a week.  I run 3-4x a week and then I add other stuff.  Running has been a huge factor in how small I have been getting.  I realized that I am "literally" running my butt off.  And no it's not my favorite thing to do...especially at 5-6 in the morning when everyone else is snug in bed, but I know my body likes it and I feel the best I have in my ENTIRE life.
8. Now, I continue to eat good.  I try to do 50% raw foods every day...lean meats, but not every day...I make my own bread...no processed junkie foods (even when I have tried to eat stuff like that I instantly feel sluggish and yuck)...no fast foods...lots of fresh and yummy.
9.I do enjoy my treats.  Instead of eating ice cream (my all time favorite sweet) I eat frozen yogurt with nuts on top.  It is the perfect way to eat a sweet, but not overindulge with hundreds of calories.  I try to do everything in moderation.  If I go to a party, I enjoy my time there.  But it is no longer fun to overeat...it's not worth the time anymore.  My focus is no longer food...it's living this life to the fullest.  I never count calories, or fat, or carbs...I just try to eat foods that my body would like.  I retrained my body...I told it what it likes.  And it listened.
10.  I think my biggest pointer is to totally love and enjoy what you are doing.  I feel like  a new person.  I am humbled by the Lord from what he has done for me.  It is an awesome transformation.  I am blessed and am enjoying every day of this journey. 
To date: 96 pounds lost


david bietsch said…
Sounds great how long did it take you to lose 96 pounds... Ive lost 50 without a diet today but been stuck and thinking i really need a good diet to lose the last 75 pounds
Michelle said…
That's awesome! 96 pounds! Change takes work and doing the hard things, watching your journey has been inspiring- really it has. Thanks for sharing.

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