Biking It!!!

Quick pics from the weekend.  William has been begging to go running with me.  As I train for my 10k I have run by myself...unlike my training for the 5k.  My partners either dropped out or have a different running schedule. Well, now that we moved to a regular neighborhood I have kids asking to go running with me.  Though I don't think they are ready to run a few miles, I said that they could go individually on their bike or scooter.  So, the picture above is of William and I after I ran 3 miles through our neighborhood and he was on his scooter.  I love these moments.  The longer I parent 5 kids, the more I recognize the need to spend individual time with my kids. It can be a date out, a movie in our master bedroom or something simple like this.  I woke him up quietly at 6:20 and then we were off 10 minutes later.  We had such a great time.  William is my talker, so he chatted the whole time we were out.  It felt good to be with him.  Just the two of us.
And then I snapped this on Saturday when we went to visit my best friend in our new neighborhood.  The kids are dying to be outside and on their bikes and scooters.  It's a bit hot out still here in Florida, but that's okay.  I took them anyway.  We took off for our short walk and had so much fun.  They are learning the rules of the road (which is needed, since they grew up on a dead end dirt road) and I was just loving my time with them.  It's the little things we do.  The times we spend with them...that they really enjoy!
What have you done this week with your kids?


YOu are so right that the more kids you have, the more they need individual time and the harder it is to give it to them! Great idea for taking him running with you! Thanks for linking up with the Parent'hood this week!
So true that the more kids you have the more individual time they need and yet the harder it is to give it to them! Great idea to take your son running with you. Thanks for linking up with the Parent'hood this week!

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