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One of the best things about moving is that you find little treasures throughout your house that you totally forgot about.  When I packed and even when I unpacked, I found great things over and over again. 
One of the my special finds is this precious book.  It is Usborne's Big Book of Farmyard Tales. I bought this so many years ago.  It is a collection of books that Usborne had in smaller bits, but then put it all together into this sweet book.  It is all about Mrs. Boot and Appletree Farm.  Each story is short and sweet and tells about the adventures found on the farm.  I still remember sitting with Bryn and having her read it to me...and since then all the kids have had their hand on it.  Well, when we moved I found it again.  And perfect time too, right.  I have a sweet kindergartner right now who is loving the stories. 
Judah is all boy.  Totally.  He doesn't like to color.  He loves to run, jump, play and sword fight (I had to put that in to be totally realistic).  And he doesn't care to be read to.  Well, coming from me...this has to change.  I am such a huge reader...and I expect all my kids to read too.  At least until they move out on their own.  And I have been successful so far.  There is always something to read here.  We visit the library frequently.  And I have a literature based curriculum.  So, as you can see there are lots of books around here.  The first day I pulled this out, Judah sat next to me but he wouldn't look at me.  He had other fish to fry elsewhere, I guess.  Well, by time I was a page or two in he was watching and next thing you know he was asking questions.  So, every day we take a few moments and read about Apple Tree Farm.  I love every minute.  And I hope he does too.  What is your favorite to read your kids?


Michelle said…
I enjoyed the time the boys and I spent reading The Chronicles of Narnia series, the books went far beyond our readings and into their play lives as well.

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