Gall Bladder

I couldn't let the week end without mentioning that Matt had his gall bladder taken out last Monday.  He started having problems with it the day we got back from our cruise in May...first a few attacks...and then nothing for weeks.  And then the week we moved into our new house the attacks started up with full fury.  He was put on pain meds and he couldn't eat anything without an attack...even bland oatmeal.  So this past week he had it taken out...36 years old and it was his first procedure EVER in a hospital.  And he really didn't like it, lol.  He actually did really well.  The first few days he was a bit of a zombie, but he has recovered very nicely.  I am thankful for an awesome job where he could take the whole week off.  And it's perfect timing too...Medicare season starts in 2 weeks, so he would be too busy to do this before Christmas.  Yes, not really exciting news...but I felt like I should document it.  One day we will be saying...when did you have your gall bladder out??? And now we know where to look. LOL. Have a great Sunday everybody!


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