Birthday Boy!

 This week we celebrated a birthday at the Reynolds Nation.  Caleb turned 11 years old!!! Amazing! His birthday always lands at a weird time...during hurricanes, a major accident by my mom and even the passing of Matt's dad.  Either that, or Labor Day is always the same week (or day). This year, we happened to move the week that his birthday came around.  So, we had a small party here at our house for his birthday...just family and a few friends.  Caleb was still over the moon.  Cake, presents and being the center of attention! That works for him.  The picture above shows him on his new bike...he immediately wanted to go out and ride it (which he did). And then you can see him blowing out his candles. It ended up being a great night!!!  Happy Birthday Caleb! May this be your best year yet!!!


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