Johnny Appleseed Day

Every time I have a child enter kindergarten I host a Johnny Appleseed day. And this was Judah's year.  It's a tradition around here at Reynolds Nation and it is one of my favorite days.  We invite all of our homeschooling friends and make a great day out of it. Here are a few snapshots from our day.
 The kids are making silly apple men from apples, candy and spaghetti.  The kids loved this!
 And of course we must do apple of my personal favorites for the kids.
 Here I am with the group reading to them about John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed. My boys kept on calling it Johnny seed apple
 I took this picture after we had set up for the party...I love them goofing off.  That's Bryn hiding in the behind the kids and I think Judah is officially our pirate.
 Esther and her friends working hard on their apple craft.  This is right up her alley...anything crafty.
                                                                    It was a great day!


Michelle said…
What a fun time!
Aleatha said…
It was a great day!!

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