Thanksgiving Holiday!

I must admit that this Thanksgiving holiday was one of my favorites, ever! Having Matt home since Wednesday was school for the kids was wonderful...and the weather was gorgeous. That puts it in a nutshell.
Matt simply amazed me these past few days. He completed all the small tasks left in the mudroom. It is done and is so lovely. It is spacious (he designed the room with the draftsman), but at the same time very practical. We still want to put a bench in and add some additional practical stuff...but that will take time, and of course more money.
Matt also took all the stuff out of the shed and organized it. He even made a wall of boxes so the kids know what side they are allowed to go on. He reorganized all his tools (put away from these major project he had been working on) and made the room much more functional.
I took on the major task of reorganizing my bedroom. But I couldn't do it alone. We took all the boxes out of the cubby in our room(we have an A-Frame house) and put everything in the attic...then put stuff in the cubby that we may need more frequently. I went through paperwork, schoolwork and just piles of stuff. My room looks awesome. And I cleaned up my scrapbook table, so maybe I can actually work on my books.
Matt also worked on a whole bunch of little things that had to be done. I worked a bit for the State on mailings while the kids played many hours outside. The morning it rained, you would have thought that we were keeping them hostage...they were begging to go outside the whole time.
So, now back to real life. It was a busy four 1/2 day holiday, but we feel so refreshed. Matt and I actually watched 2 movies (it has been a long time since we watched one) and even returned all the leftover items from the mudroom project ($90 worth, which goes back to the next project). Yesterday we finished the week with Matt's mom taking us to lunch...which was fun.
I hope your holiday was as productive, but as refreshing as mine. Next weekend we bring out the Christmas decorations...


Superhero Mom said…
So we need a picture of this glorious mud room...please!!! ;0)
Matthew said…
We did get a lot done. What a feeling of accomplishment! The mudroom looks awesome.

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