A Slice of the Good Life

Had to post a picture of a piece of my first pie for the season. Made with homemade spelt crust, and with pumpkin that I had cooked down last week. It was one of the creamiest pies that I have ever made. The crust was perfect and flaky. And of course, a little cool whip makes it perfect! All the kids enjoyed every last morsel. It was funny how they each ate it differently. Bryn, Caleb and Esther ate it fast...Judah was slow and steady...and William ate all the pie around the cool whip and then he ate that section next. Their personalities come out with everything they do. The only bad thing about this pie is that with family size of 7, we ate the whole pie in one night. Cut in 8 slices, with one extra slice for daddy. There will be more pie making next week!


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