Dragging my kids...

...inside. My kids have turned into outside junkies. They can't get enough of this beautiful weather. They are begging to go outside from the moment they get up. The fog had barely lifted this morning when they roaring on the driveway on their bikes. These are definitely my kids...they love the cooler weather. In the summer, I can barely get them outside because of the heat...unless we are going to the pool or beach. But as soon as the humidity lifted and the temperature dropped they bolted for the outside. They have averaged 5 hours a day outside...after their school work is done. They come in for a few minutes for lunch, and take their snack outside in the afternoon. Caleb and William were climbing one of the trees in the front pasture today...and Judah spends most of his time on the four-wheeler. I think it's funny when the media talks about kids having a vitamin D deficiency. Not around here! There is nothing like spending your time outdoors...no draw from video games, computers and television. My kids get plenty of the sun's rays. I was going to take their picture tonight...faces filthy from the dirt and sweat...but they were already in the shower. Perhaps another day!


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