Black Friday

Here we are early this morning in Target...on Black Friday! It's our tradition as a couple to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, early in the morning. We enjoy it so much! The day before we check out the ads and see what is on sale. We usually already have ideas on what we want to get the kids for Christmas. We are not normally swayed by good ideas...draw us in the store and let us buy things we really don't want or need. That's not us! We went in with ideas...with cash only and we came back out with some really great deals, and only $2 over budget. Not bad! As parents of a big family, we are always looking for good deals. The best deal of all is being together, with no kids and just having fun together. Back home by 8:30 a.m to spend the day with the kids. Loving life!


Superhero Mom said…
Kudos to you and Matt! I dislike shopping anytime of day, so shopping that interrupts my sleep would not make for a happy Mom! lol! Glad you got some good deals!
I love this picture of you two!!!
Aleatha said…
This is the first year Eric has ever gone with me. We started our morning at Walmart at 2 am. It was a morning of memories for sure. Hopefully i can get him to go with me next yr teehee

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