Family Update

It's been busy as usual around the Reynolds Nation. We have been thoroughly enjoying our fall weather...days in the 60's and 70's and nights in the 40's and 50's. It has been lovely. We actually used the fire place for the first time the other night. The kids beg to get outside every day. I hope to get a picnic table soon here on the land...wouldn't it be great to do our schoolwork outside when the days are so picture perfect. We have always had a little table for the kids, but nothing big enough for all of my growing kids.
Last week we sold Patrick, our white Nigerian Dwarf male goat. Though he was a great breeding goat, he had become quite the nuisance. Every time we went into the pasture he would follow you around and nip at your clothes. He was overly friendly. The kids didn't feel comfortable with him, so we sold him to another farm who needing him for breeding.
We started raking the pasture. I would love to finish that up so we are ready to seed it with rye grass for the winter. Though, there hasn't been any rain, but I would like to be ready when there is. This has been one of the driest summers and winters that I have seen in a long time. I would enjoy a rainy day or two...and so would my grass.
Matt and I, over the course of two weekends, tiled and grouted our mudroom. It looks really good. Now, Matt is working on the plumbing. We have been wanting to get this done for such a long time...a project just staring you in the face. Matt wants to be done by Thanksgiving...all the plumbing, texture the walls, painting, baseboards and moving every thing back in. It is going to be a busy few weeks.
School is going really well. William is now reading small words...and is moving into sentences. He has an amazing ability to hear letters together and know what the word is...probably the best out of all my kids. Judah has done really well also keeping himself busy while the others do their school work. We also bought another desk for the family room so that we can put our other computer on it. Now we will have two computer accessible (one won't have any Internet on it) for the kids to use. The little ones love using their educational games.
Thanksgiving is on the horizon...after cooking 120 cups of pumpkin, it should be. I already have our menu on the brain and thoughts of what to do. I still want to do a few crafts with the kids before then...and then we will plunge right into Christmas.
Still adjusting to the time change...I am getting up at 5 instead of 6 and then I am ready for bed at 8. I hope that I adjust and get back to normal...I have been tired the past week. Hope your family is well, as mine is.


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