100 Things About Me

Here are a 100 things about me...In no particular order.
1. My favorite color is yellow.
2. Though I consider myself a New Yorker (lived there for the first 9 years of my life), I actually was born in New Jersey.
3. I love dogs and cats.
4. I got married at 20.
5. I have five kids.
6. One of which was adopted.
7. I am half white and half black...whatever that means.
8. I never think about the color of my skin.
9. My husband is as white as can be and green eyed.
10. And he is very cute.
11. I love having my windows open.
12. I hate humidity.
13. I actually hate Florida too, but that's another post.
14. I love to write.
15. I actually have written a few books.
16. But with five kids, I don't write much anymore.
17. I love to scrapbook.
18. I have scrapbooks for each of my kids.
19. It's my therapy.
20. I love family gatherings.
21. I love Christmas...not for me, but to see my kids faces.
22. I love garage sales.
23. And I love to haggle over prices at these garage sales.
24. And my favorite garage sale partner is my man.
25. I planned on working in a big city and make a lot of money.
26. But God changed my heart, and I chose to raise my babies instead.
27. I am a lactation counselor.
28. I didn't breastfeed my first daughter...I didn't even try.
29. My favorite thing is to see my child nursing softly and contently.
30. I love working with other moms.
31. I truly believe it is my calling in life.
32. I work for our local health department, WIC to be exact.
33. I hate office politics...makes me not want to be there.
34. And I hate paperwork from the government.
35. I love my red house.
36. I love that it looks like a barn.
37. I also love my new mudroom that my husband set up for me.
38. For the first 4 years in our current house I hung up all our washed clothes outside.
39. I really didn't mind.
40. Now I have the deluxe stackable frontloaders. Thanks hubby :)
41. I don't mind washing dishes.
42. But I hate emptying a dishwasher.
43. I also hate grocery shopping.
44. But I love going shopping for anything else.
45. I have cooked thanksgiving dinner for the past 8 years.
46. I love doing that for my family.
47. I think I have baked a hundred pies.
48. This is the first year that I will bake my own crust.
49. I love my kitchen aid food processor.
50. I make almost everything from scratch.
51. My home is truly where my heart is.
52. I love to read other people's blogs.
53. I love facebook.
54. I homeschool my kids.
55. I never intended too, it was Matt's idea first.
56. It took a bit of convincing, but I love it now.
57. My favorite subject is history.
58. My kids are now becoming history lovers.
59. Not all days as a homeschooler are good.
60. But in the end, I am so proud of my kids progress.
61. I love to read.
62. Did I mention the fact that I love to read.
63. I have read many books in one day...even with five kids at home.
64. I love the library.
65. I love that my kids love to read too...I think I have rubbed off on them.
66. I lived in Los Angeles for 5 years.
67. Those years there heavily affected my life.
68. I have hiked up behind the Hollywood sign with friends...there is graffiti all on the back.
69. Disney World is so much better than Disney Land.
70. I have been to Europe twice.
71. England is my favorite country, other than my own.
72. I took 6 years of French...and read many novels in French.
73. I never wanted to take Spanish, but I am sorry now.
74. I started babysitting at 11...
75. Which now, I think is crazy. I would never leave my kids with a 11 year old...lol
76. I always did really well in school...I could have been a forever student.
77. I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications.
78. It cost a lot of money, but not as much as it would in today's prices.
79. I have always been a great sleeper. Until lately, I have been getting up for an hour some nights.
80. I did a missions trip to Guatemala.
81. It changed my view on a lot of things.
81. My passport is expired.
82. I was on an 8 passenger plane that had an engine malfunction that had to have an emergency landing in France.
83. I have been to five countries in Europe.
84. My favorite place was a island called Juist in the North Sea where you couldn't drive cars.
85. I used to like change...new houses, new states.
86. But not much now...I think it is the age factor.
87. I hated turning 30...35 was even worse.
88. I would like to have one more baby...we will see.
90. I got saved at age 11.
91. I am so grateful that it happened then.
92. The Lord has changed so much in me.
93. I am so open to him changing me...to be more like Him.
94. I am not perfect.
95. You too can come to know Him and allow Him to love you.
96. I have the best husband.
97. I feel sad sometimes over things in my life. But I trust the Lord to work in those areas.
98. I love life.
99. I am driven person...I have the CEO personality.
100. I hate coffee.


Anonymous said…
#101... She is desperately loved by her husband!

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