If You Give A Pig A Pancake...

...or a mom a few hours to clean. Since Matt was gone with Bryn all day on a scavenger hunt at Disney...and I still didn't have a voice and I was left with the four other kids...I decided to use my time wisely and clean. My kids were in and out all morning, so they kept busy...thankfully because they still couldn't hear me.
But I was reminded of that famous pig book because of what happened. I saw a basket on top of the refrigerator, so I decided to take it down and clean it out. Two minutes later, it was done and I put it back up....then I noticed my cake plate (on top of the fridge) was covered in dust...so I took that down and cleaned it really nice. As I was taking the cake plate down, a bead fell off the top. I reached up and many beads fell down. So, I grabbed the stool and took a peak. There was an old art project that Esther had put up there for safe keeping...it was no longer safe, lol. So, next thing you know, I am taking everything down and cleaning it off...and then I wiped down the 1/2 inch layer of dust that was on top of the fridge. Eventually it was all nice and clean. All this, because I decided to take one basket down to organize/clean it!!!!


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