Fading away, but never forgotten

I felt impressed to take this picture the other night. We had dinner with Mimi, Matt's grandmother. I really believe it was the Lord who whispered in my ear to take this picture. Though we have lots of pictures of Mimi and the kids over the years, I haven't taken one of her and all the kids in a long time.
We have tons of memories with her...making pound cakes, hundreds of deviled eggs made together. Bryn used to go over every week while I volunteered at the crisis pregnancy center. Mimi would let her cut everything and anything...she colored on every paper, and they always made something in the kitchen. It is some of Bryn's favorite memories. We always have had Christmas morning breakfast together, many a special dinner and Matt and I even had our small reception here after our wedding in 1996.
But now...those memories and special times are disappearing quickly. Mimi now has Alzheimers. We have known for several years, but now it is so evident. She is forgetting so much...memories, basic daily needs and even our names. I think this is the hardest disease...for the family. To watch this person who was so strong and vibrant to disappear so rapidly. It hurts. You feel like this person is being taken away from you...though they are still there.
I think you just hold onto the memories...the special days, the important moments and love her.


Superhero Mom said…
Praying for you as you know I live with this every single day! Cherish every moment & maybe get a video or two! ♥

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