Monday Muses

Oh sweet are you? Or sour? It is hard to come to Monday when you had such a great weekend.  I think I would have liked to have stopped it last night and enjoyed the last few moments. To freeze time? Just for a day.
It was such a great weekend...a four day weekend of celebration.  I had such a glorious birthday...spending time with my family.  We ate pizza from my favorite place around here...oh my it was so yummy.  And then we finished off the evening with lovely Carvel so brings me back to my childhood.  It had all the little chocolate crunchies in it.  It was so delicious. It was the first time my kids had ever tried Carvel cake...and they loved it.  My kids put their money together and bought me a bike.  Not much of a surprise...since I asked for it a ZILLION times.  It was sweet though for them to pull their money together and give me a present that I really wanted.  And of course it benefits them because now we can bike around our new neighborhood.  Matt also graced me with a beautiful bracelet and an ice cream maker.  All things I really wanted.
And then on Friday night we had friends come over and celebrate.  A little food and fellowship always makes this girl happy.  And boy there was a ton of food.  And it all tasted so good.  Ask friends to bring a dish and they go all out. And Matt made the most delectable cake ever. White cake with peanut butter (my favorite) frosting...topped with Resees pieces. Oh my, it was so delicious.  And since I don't eat cake much was the perfect way for me to celebrate.
The rest of the weekend was just lots of family time and togetherness.  All good stuff right.Last night got a bit marred though by the neighbor kids jumping on our dog (by accident, he was excited about reaching a new level on the wii) Mia and breaking her leg in 2 places. Not the best way to end the weekend.
One thing that has come to mind though when I was thinking about Mia and how horrible it was to happen. I had posted something on Facebook the other day about what one word would I want to be remembered for...and my word was FAITHFUL. And as I thought of that today, it goes for me as it goes for the Lord.  I am to be Faithful, because he first was Faithful.  And He will be Faithful once again in this situation.  Hope your weekend was good. Have a great week!


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