Monday Muses

Happy Monday to you all!  Another Monday has arrived.  A good thing? Yes. A bad thing? No. We had an uneventful weekend...which is the way I like it.  We did a lot of hanging out...a little running...some watching of our new favorite show "Parenthood"...a whole lot of nothing.  Which for now, my husband is in the midst of his busiest selling season (medicare season), so he likes to lay low on the weekends because the weeks are so crazy.  And because my kids take so much of my energy during the I like to lay low too.

I got to run 2x this weekend...which is nice.  I starting running at different times so that I won't have to run in the dark anymore.  So I did a nice 5 mile run on Saturday.  The temps were nice and it was the perfect way to start the weekend.  And then last night I did an extra short run (under 2 miles) but I was able to run my fastest ever.  It was a good running weekend.
So, what else happened?  Not much I guess.  I rode a bit with the kids on the bike.  That was nice.  My brother, nephew and my mom stopped by (at different times) on Sunday.  I love when people drop by.  Do you?  I think it is an art that has been lost.  People never stop by just to chat.  It's lovely.  I know a lot of people don't like it.  But I love to welcome people in my home and spend time together...maybe eat a little...whatever is happening at the time.  Oh yeah, I just remembered.  One of our dearest friends stopped by too this weekend...from North Carolina.  Our friend Nancy dropped by unexpectedly (insert picture here, lol).  We had a lovely visit...time to catch up. And then we mixed that up a bit with a visit to our favorite frozen yogurt shop...perfecto.
Anyway...have I bored you a bit yet? We seem like a rather boring family.  But the weeks in November and December will be rather busy.  We are visiting one of our favorite places in less then a month (so I can run my first 10k)...and we will get to tour the city with the kids (so excited to do that).  And of course our local FAIR is coming up...which the kids love.  And then all the holidays mixed in with that.  Good times.  So, what do you have coming up?  Anything exciting?


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